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January 28, 2011

Monday 24th January;  Received a couple of emails suggesting what I can do with my Blog!   Despite those scurrilous suggestions,  amongst them were some rather good suggestions.    I did receive one suggestion which was to include an Agony Aunt column called “Ask Ralph”.   Let’s face it.  At my age,  I’m pretty well qualified as I’ve probably experienced whatever problem any member of my adoring public may be suffering from! Other suggestions included “Dish of the Day”, but I’m not sure if that is a cooking section or submitted photos.  I await your emails with bated breath. My blog is read by many good people all over the world and it pleases me immensely when folk talk to me about it.  I get communications from Chile, Peru,  China,  Japan,  Scandinavia, France, Germany, Spain, Australia,  Bermuda,  Afghanistan,  America,  Saudi Arabia and Tonga as well as several other places too.  Each Monday I receive a report from Google Analytics which tells me all this. Had a nice “Martin”  curry at Clare’s then I came home to listen to my Rhythm and Blues programme followed by a really exciting University Challenge where Sheffield beat Magdallen College by the narrowest of margins,  5 points.  It was the Last answer which clinched it.  What a shame there had to be a losing side?  I’ve noticed that the snowdrops and crocus are pushing through in the gardens and hedgerows now,  and I’ve spotted some new lambs too.  The “ramp” in Fountain Street has been resurfaced and it is now as smooth as can be.  No more damaged tyres?

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